The Profitable Author Life You’ll Love (and Deserve)

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction; are traditionally or self-published; have an ebook or print book, your first book or your tenth…

Sharon Woodhouse
5 min readFeb 11


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There are some truths I know from 25+ years as an indie book publisher, leading with…

  • Publishing is a stupid-tough, deeply rewarding business in a constant weird flux of disruption and sclerosis (which makes persistence and creative approaches a necessity).
  • The prevailing experience of too many authors and content creators is one of overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety, and disappointment. Serious disappointment.
  • It’s possible to make a solid and sustainable side income for an author (or content creator) — from even a single title — even a part-time or full-time business — for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10+ years. You decide.

Know that it’s possible

First, know that it’s possible to make more income than you imagined from your author life — more than that dribble of biannual royalties sent from your publisher or agent or the monthly four-figure deposits (counting both sides of the decimal point) from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. And, it’s not only possible to make more money from your book and/or content, but you can do so almost indefinitely, and enjoy the process and collect a bounty of other planned and unexpected perks along the way. In fact, creating an author life you love is one of the keys to keeping the money flowing in.

I know the above for fact, because I have helped over 100 authors directly and thousands more through lectures, programs, and workshops create profitable author lives they love. Many of the authors I’ve helped have kept their profitable new author life going for 3–10+ years. None of these folks were best-selling authors either. Many were self-published. Many were introverts. Many were business, sales, and marketing reluctant at the outset, if not outright averse to the commercial aspect of authordom.

Play the long game

Authorhood isn’t a get rich quick scheme but, really, you know that. So take a deep breath, soak that reality in down to the cellular level, and move on…



Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is an author coach, publishing consultant, publishing project manager, and former indie book publisher.