Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus Thinks Even Authors Can Be Entrepreneurs

His microcredit movement has helped millions of new entrepreneurs around the world and shows a way forward for meaning-makers in the new economy

Sharon Woodhouse
3 min readFeb 25


Photo by Alex Hudson on Unsplash.

Sure, the economics are different. The relative inequalities are different. The landscape and industries are different.

But I am with Nobel Prize winner, global visionary, and economic development activist Muhammad Yunus on one thing: Entrepreneurship isn’t just for some people. It is a pathway available to all human beings.

Entrepreneurship is using innate human creativity, problem-solving, and service orientations — and instincts for survival and curiosity and expansion — to bring about useful, valuable, appreciated goods, services, and ideas to fellow human beings.

Authors already do that and they can learn how that easily translates into a profitable enterprise of any size that suits them. Yes, much that underlies entrepreneurship is inherent in living human lives, but there are also practical skills and orienting mindsets we can learn in order to harness what’s “natural” and create something substantive and enduring from that.

You may be reluctant to buy into this, you may be tallying up the reasons it doesn’t apply to you. That’s okay. It’s not an easy leap for many people; it just doesn’t jibe with how they’ve lived their lives or how making money has worked for them in the past. And it’s exactly the reason I am here sharing this passion and specialty of mine with you.

Like Yunus, I have enough belief in human entrepreneurship for both of us for now. So, if you’re at least a little bit curious or you hope it’s true (you’d like more income, exposure, and satisfaction from your author life), continue following me here and reading my articles.

I don’t just think authors can be entrepreneurs, I think they’re part of what will be an ever-growing sector of our economy, which is why it’s important for you as an author to understand this early and begin learning the skills and adopting the supportive mindsets necessary to benefit from this cultural shift. Because in our increasingly automated society…



Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is an author coach, publishing consultant, publishing project manager, and former indie book publisher.