An Author Events Primer, Part 2 of 3

Increase author income, visibility, and satisfaction with a range of public events

Sharon Woodhouse
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In Part 1 of this primer, we looked at the wide, wide world that constitutes author events and understanding where the money is in that world. In Part 2, we look at pairing income with other author goals, maintaining a business mindset, and focusing on your advantages.

Pair income with other author goals.

  • All of us in the creator economy and micro business space know the value of double- and triple-duty strategies and optimizing situations for all their worth. Comb this list of 50 Ways to Leave the Sidelines (for Authors) to identify outcomes of authorhood you may not even have considered, then align your event activities to cultivate these perks while making a living.

Maintain a business mindset.

  • Use these events to build a cottage industry around your book. Treat them as the income source (immediate, deferred, or both) that they are and bring your professional game.
  • Remember: Work is the price of money. Work the event and the room; serve those in attendance.
  • You can’t go wrong with a win-win attitude, but once you’ve mastered that, it’s time to go exponential and practice win to the x.

Focus on your advantages.

  • Tap into who you are and mine these eight areas for finding and developing the right events for you: your personal strengths; how others see you; your interests and skills (existing and desired); the needs of your books, readers, and customers; your values and priorities; your short- and long-term goals; your connections and networks; your current schedule and life constraints and your dream life.

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Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is an author coach, publishing consultant, publishing project manager, and former indie book publisher.