All of Your Author Business and Book Marketing Activities Should Do a Minimum of 3 Jobs

Leverage everything you do to work smarter not harder

Sharon Woodhouse
5 min readJan 16, 2024
Photo by Jack Hunter on Unsplash.

In a previous article I wrote about one important 3:1 ratio in business — a “magic” reflective tool that can be used as often as you like in almost any situation related to book marketing, your writing career, and your overall author business. It’s a useful practice when you’re learning and building an enterprise, and it’s beneficial with maintenance, polish, and ongoing incremental improvements too.

It’s this: When evaluating your performance, your attitude, your technique, your systems, a relationship, or any other aspect of your author endeavors, note three things you did well/work well and one thing that could use more work. That’s it.

Here’s a second critical 3:1 ratio for your author activities: Make sure that everything you spend your time on is doing three worthwhile jobs for you.

This practice will:

  • help you focus your time and tasks…



Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is an author coach, publishing consultant, publishing project manager, and former indie book publisher.